TSSA Regulation

License your inflatables with TSSA (Province of Ontario)

TSSA Inflatables Devices Regulation:

Any amusement device operating in Ontario in a public event must have an Amusement Device Operating Permit, issued by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

Our professional engineer (P.Eng.) has been helping inflatable device operators for several years to get their operating license and device permits to become complaint with the Ontario Amusement Devices Act. 

The definition of an amusement ride includes not only the typical mechanical ride at a fairground, but also inflatable devices (such as bouncers, slides, obtstacle courses, etc).  In addition to mechanical go-karts, bungee devices of all kinds,  water sides and dry slides.  Contact us if you are in any doubt as to whether your device fits the definition.

Any amusement device open to the public is governed under the TSSA regulation.  This includes Schools, Churchs, Banquet Halls, Community Centres, Fun Raising events, Fairs, Festivals, and Company / Corporate events.

Note: Backyard parties at a private residence are exempt from the TSSA regulation.

There are severe penalties for operating an Amusement Device without a permit.

Certification Process:

To help the newcomer to this process, please read the following simplified description of the procedure you must follow:

You need to obtain a Licence to operate amusement devices.

This is NOT a licence/permit for your inflatable ride, it is simply your registration in TSSA's system as a licensed operator of inflatable devices.

The three requirments to license your company with TSSA are:

1) You have to be an ADMI (Amusement Devices Licensed Mechanic), or you have to include a copy of your contracting mechanic agreement form with a licensed ADMI.  (If you purchase your inflatables from Inflated Fun, we could easily provide this service for a reduced monthly contract fee to help you get your TSSA license).

2) You need to have $2M liabaility insurance for your company. So, you need to get a certificate of insuarnce (issued by your underwritter) showing TSSA name and address.

3) Fill in the license to operate inflatable devices application form.

Email the three documents in (1), (2) & (3) above to TSSA for review.

TSSA will then issue you with a licence number (ADLxxxx).

Once TSSA has emailed you the ADL number, we can then apply for your Amusement Device Permit.

Note: You need a device permit for each inflatable ride you wish to operate.  So, a technical dossier submission (to be prepared & stamped by a professional engineer must be sent to TSSA engineering department for review and approval of the device operation).

The following information are required in order to prepare an inflatable device's technical dossier:

Manufacturer of the inflatable & year of manufacture

Manufacturer's name of the device

Licensee's name for the device (if different from above)

Model & Serial No.

Description of the inflatable, and images

Drawing / sketch showing the number and location of the anchor points

Certificate of fire retardency for the material used in making the inflatable device (This is VERY important).

Note:  If your inflatable rides were purchased from Inflated Fun, then you have to only sign two forms for each inflatable device and we will have all of the required technical infomation for submission.
If the inflatables were purchased from another manufacturer, you will have to contact the manufacturer to gather all of the required info, as listed above.


How long does this process take, and what does it cost?

These are the first questions that we are asked, and the most difficult to answer. We usually take 1-3 business days to complete the technical dossier and submit it to TSSA by email. The entire TSSA application / engineering approval process takes 4-6 weeks for inflatable devices (expediated service is only 1-2 weeks). During spring and early summer TSSA can be overwhelmed with new ride applications and this inevitably means delays in both preparing the application and getting it through TSSA. If you leave it to the last minute, it is most probable that you will not get it approved in time for your rental bookings.

As for cost: we will try to give you a quotation before we start the job. For inflatables we quote based on several factors, such as what size or type, and the number of submission done at the same time.  Durring the application process many things can emerge that require extra work on our part. Ontario is one of the strictest jurisdictions in North America, and is getting tougher. TSSA will charge you for their engineering review (one time fee) of the technical dossier, as well as charges for an annual device permit and annual inspection visit. We advise that you call us to discuss the exact cost details based on our specific needs.

Are there any rides that are banned in Ontario?
Yes. Portable bungee devices are not allowed here (with the exception of inflatable "Bungee Run" devices).

How about other Provinces? Or the USA?
We offer our engineering service for approvals in BC, Alberta (AB), Saskatchewan (SK) and Nova Scotia (NS). Please contact us for more details, or to discuss other Provincial approvals. As for the USA, each state has its own rules and we offer services in some of them, including New Jersey & Pennsylvania.