Safety First:

Inflated Fun Games manufactures all of its inflatable products with child safety as a priority. All our products come with plenty of windows, manufactured with the highest quality PVC netting. This guarantees full monitoring of children while playing inside the bouncers. We include a warning sign that provides information and instructions about operation and safety of our inflatable products. In case of power outage the bouncer may collapse, for that reason the roof is easily removable on all flat roof castles. All of the inflatables manufactured by Inflated Fun Game meet the guidelines and regulations of TSSA (Technical Safety Standards Act).


All inflatable games to be made by high durability fire retardant PVC tarpaulin which has 3 layers, two coated sides with a strong net inside. Material has to be one of the highest tear resistance ratings: 25 kg/250N and the material meets EN71 requirements: UV resistant, fire retardant and innoxious.


Double stitching everywhere, with fourfold stitching at bottom stress points. Double Stitching inside and double stitching outside to make sure the inflatables are strong enough.  We only use strong thread that can withstand great force without tearing.

Back tack - A few stitches will be taken in reverse to secure a line of stitching.


For “high Stress Points” such as access areas, floor and column joints or wherever structure panels meet, all inflatable games will have a special treatment in those areas thru strong reinforcements that will allow those high stress points to hold the game together.

Floor Panel Reinforcement - Double, Triple and Quadruple stitching use to inforce the floor panel.

Blower Connection:

This conduct has to have a perfect joint system so it won't ever become detached from the blower, even when being pulled around. Our inflatable products have a belt or velcro at end of the connection hose. For safety, we make safe slap inide the air tube.

Velcro Deflation Zippers:

For quick deflation, we build our inflatables with strong and smooth zippers at bottom of each device. Above the zippers, there is a flap cover with velcro, which is to help disperse the zipper's stress. Our factory includes two zipper locations on small bouncers & 3 to 6 zippers on bigger size combos, slides, and obstacle games.

Tie Downs:

Tie downs are sewn to the game in an appropriate manner. As in picture, D-Ring is firmly sewn on a strip, which is also sewn on the material.

Internal Baffles:

We use high quality inner air strips (the white material that connects the layers together). We only use pvc material (not nylon). Our floor internal baffles are sewn using a special stitching technique to ensure durability and longevity.


The Mesh is made with 1000D PVC netting or fish netting. It is very safe for Kids as they can not put their fingers through it.